COnsummer-centric Privacy in smart Energy Meters

COPES is a CHIST-ERA project adressing the topic of Resilient Trustworthy Cyber-Physical Systems which starts the 01/10/2015. It focus on developing and integrating novel hardware and software solutions to guarantee the privacy of the electric energy consumption behaviour of residential customers. Application of the developed methods will provide a means to prevent consumption information leakage, and enhance the integrity of the measured data. We plan to develop a fundamentally new concept of physical-layer privacy tailored to the application of smart meters, and its practical implementation on multiple small-scale test systems. For more information you can contact the project head Tobias Oechtering ! The slides of our presentation at Bern are here to help you discover our exciting project [FILE]. The following picture epitomizes how to achive privacy thanks to battery.  It shows that non-intrusive load monitoring is harder when a battery is used for masking the consumption of the household. This is even true if the charging policy of the battery is not fine-tuned for the utilized load monitoring algorithm and the control rate of the battery is low.